Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi (Golden) Hotel - Madinah

Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi Hotel Madinah

The city of Madinah really has some sort of religious significance and sacred approach towards Muslim pilgrims. Islamic individuals from all across the world land their feet on Madinah specifically for performing Hajj & Umrah and also to experience Saudi Arabian culture at close quarters.

If you are looking to visit Madinah in the upcoming Umrah or hajj period, Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi Hotel popularly known as Mukhtara Golden must be your ideal lodging place to experience comfortable stay.

Stay in the close vicinity of Masjid Al Nabawi which is just located 160-meter away from the hotel. One can just walk to the holy mosque

Our Rooms

We have 200 rooms to serve our guests. All rooms have comfortable beds, curtains, private bathroom, free Wifi and other sorts of amenities to get rid of the travel tiredness in a short while.


The restaurant of Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi (Golden) hotel offers a decent restaurant space to display your buffet and serve delectable meals for your guests for them to enjoy the dishes under the comfortable sitting area of the dining hall.

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Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi (Golden) Hotel - Restaurant